The House

Ground Floor

Bishopswood stands on land which formed part of a great Norman estate used for hunting, as recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. The discovery of a large cache of gold coins dating back to the Roman era, found in 1896, suggests that it was inhabited far before written records began. It was used by several Bishops of Hereford as a rural retreat and has hosted visitors rumoured to include Henry V and the Duke of Wellington. The house as it stands today was built in 1844 during the reign of Queen Victoria.

The house has a wide range of spaces that can be utilised by groups and during events. From the elegant drawing room to the beautiful reception hall under the glass cupola, Bishopswood House immerses you in luxury and living history.

The ground floor of the house is accessible and includes a disabled WC.

The ballroom

Seating up to 84 guests, this large room makes an ideal reception area for weddings and family events, as well as providing an excellent dance floor.

Reception hall

Featuring the stunning glass cupola roof and the grand staircase, this room provides wow-factor for events and is an excellent space for groups of people to meet and mix.

Drawing room

Cozy and elegant, the drawing room with its wood burning stove and plush furniture is ideal for a relaxing evening or a less formal meeting space.


With the adjoining breakfast area, our well-equipped kitchen seats up to 20 guests. There are two gas burning stoves, a large oven and plenty of crockery, cutlery and glassware.


Our magnificent bar can be provided manned and stocked or with glassware only.

Games room

With a full-sized snooker table as well as a stock of both indoor and outdoor games, this room has the means to keep your guests entertained for hours.