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2020 Events Trends

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The events industry moves fast, which means that there’s a dizzying array of themes, colour palettes, entertainment and more for you to choose from when you’re planning your event. Whether it’s a wedding, a charity gala or a family get-together, here are the top five picks that are trending for 2020

Speciality food

It’s no longer the case of just offering a vegetarian alternative to your main course. Thanks to a growing foodie culture amongst the social media generations, finding a way to cater to all kinds of diets is bound to bring your party some cachet. Gluten-free, keto, vegan – the list goes on! Find a caterer who can support you in satisfying every dietary need.

Outdoors is in

Taking your celebration outside will help your guests to disconnect and alleviate the digital exhaustion they might not even know they’re feeling. Natural lighting, a sense of open space and soft, foliage-based decor are the perfect way to help celebrants unwind.

Classic Blue

This year’s Pantone ‘Colour of the Year’, Classic Blue can be complemented with cool neutrals like white and grey, or with flashes of vibrant colour, like acid green, for a funky, modern twist. Either way, incorporating this on-trend colour in your scheme will ensure your party retains classic elegance without feeling dated.

Pet-friendly partying

Whether it’s a family gathering or you’re dying to see your terrier romping down the aisle in a tux as part of your wedding, celebrations that are furry friendly are on the rise. Luckily, Bishopswood House is not just dog friendly, our extensive grounds mean you can walk your pup on a different path every day of the week!

Hello retro

With the revivals of such classics as Friends and Clueless, it’s no wonder that going retro is in this year. Consider a live music act who can throw back to the 90s to capture the nostalgia.

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